This AGREEMENT is made on this ______ by and between “THE PINES” and ___________herein referred to as The HOST(s)” , and may be telephoned at:______, or via E-Mail at _______

The Pines agrees to rent it’s banquet facility to the Host on the ____ day of ______ in the year _____ from ______ until _____ There is expected to be approximately _____ guests attending.

The HOST shall guarantee the amount of guests that will be attending by no later than 12:00 noon, 2 (two) business days prior to the event. If the Host fails to provide this guarantee, the Pines shall use the above noted attendance figures as the guarantee. The HOST will be billed as per the guaranteed number.

A $250 damage deposit will be added to the invoice and held until after the event in the unlikely event that damage is cause or items are missing. If The Pines staff is required to wait after your event for your decorator or any other person to clear out items a $100 charge per hour will apply after 2am.

If a tasting is required, advance notice is necessary. We usuallly do tastings on Saturdays. You can select 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, 2 desserts should you require to sample all courses keeping within the prices outlined in your all inclusive package, please note we cannot do a tasting on a roast beef or prime rib as we would have to cook entire roasts and we do not to tastings on hors d'ouevres.

Food and bar Information-

The HOST shall agree to pay THE PINES a hall rental fee of ____. This payment shall be used to ensure the terms and conditions of this agreement. This payment in non-refundable. Once payment has been provided, The Pines shall not book any other functions at the facility on the above noted date Payment is due 1 week prior by certified chq or money order made payable to MONTCLAIR FOOD SERVICES.


It is agreed that the facility may be used for showings or food tastings on the above noted date, provided that they occur before the commencement of the function.

That Host agrees to comply with the below listed Banquet Hall Rules:
a. No confetti whatsoever;
b. No tacks, tape, nails, etc. used on the walls for decoration purposes.
c. Upon leaving, all personal items, table arrangements, and decorations are to be removed from the premise or they will become property of The Pines. (Unless other arrangements are discussed)
d. in the event of items are taken from the premise or damaged the host will be charged their value, a $250 deposit will be charged on the invoice and refunded after the event if nothing is missing or damaged.

An additional charge of $250.00 will be added for the cleaning of the hall upon any of the aforementioned. NOTE: SMOKING AREAS. Smoking is only permitted, by law, on the outside lower level patio.

As of the day of rental, the HOST shall identify and hold harmless THE PINES against and from any and all liabilities, fines, suits, claims, demands, actions, costs and reasonable expenses of any kind or nature or by anyone whomsoever, duty to or arising out of:

(a) any default in observation violation or non-performance of any term or condition of this rental agreement;

(b) any damage to person or property occasioned by HOST use or occupancy of the demised property;

(c) any injury to person or persons, including death, resulting at any time there from, occurring in or about demised premises; or Initials_____________

(d) any injury to person or property caused by illegal acts of the HOST or their guests occurring in or about demised premises.

That HOST understands that THE PINES does provide service of alcoholic beverages on the premises, and that if HOST chooses to serve alcoholic beverages while renting such banquet hall, the HOST is entirely responsible for the purpose of said alcohol and expressly agrees to accept full responsibility and liability for guests consuming alcoholic beverages, and in addition will hold THE PINES harmless against and from any liability, fines, suits, claims, demands, actions and costs and reasonable expenses of any kind or nature that may arise out of serving alcoholic beverages on the premises.

Should the HOST or invitees violate any of the above terms or any violations of city ordinance, or federal law, the right to occupy the premise shall immediately be revoked. The banquet facilities shall be immediately vacated and the HOST shall be liable for full payment of the above noted function. The rental fee shall also be immediately forfeited to The Pines.

In witness whereof, the parties have hereunto agreed on the day and year of the above noted event.

Bride ________________________


The Pines__________________ Jennifer Montague/Lynn St Clair

Signed this _______ day of_______ 20___


The Host may cancel within 6 MONTHS NOTICE prior to the scheduled event without further penalty with the hall rental/deposit paid being forfeited. The Host agrees that contracts cancelled with less than 6 months notice will require 50% payment of the above noted function. The deposit check shall become liquidated for damages forfeit to The Pines.

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